Your Guide to Pension Reviews

Investing in a Pension scheme is probably the easiest and most tax-efficient way to save for your future, but it’s becoming increasingly important to keep an eye on the way your money is invested in such schemes; both to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your plan, and to ensure that you aren’t paying any unnecessary fees or uncompetitive management charges.


According to the Daily Telegraph, 45% of people investing in personal pension plans do not make time for a regular pension review. This means that their money may well be invested in an uncompetitive plan that performs poorly, and, eventually, pays out less than it should.

Such poor management of personal assets can lead to long-term net losses, and deprive you of the potential earnings that a more competitive personal investment scheme could accrue.

To avoid being bunched with the 45% of people that don’t invest in profitable personal pension schemes, you should ensure that you regularly review your pension scheme, and consult with trained experts capable of giving you the best advice possible. Undertaking a regular pension review like this will help you to maximize the money you gain from investing in a long term retirement plan, and help you to make the most of the money you’re earning now.

Regardless of whether you’re saving for a small plot of land or a holiday cottage abroad, taking responsibility for your earnings and regularly reviewing your pension scheme can help you to realize that goal faster, and prevent you from encountering any unexpected pitfalls along the way.

How Do I Carry Out a Comprehensive Pension Review?

The best way to go about reviewing your pension is to get in touch with a professional pension review agency. It is possible to review your pension without the help of professionals, but trying to track down and decipher the numerous different financial reports needed to conduct a full pension review can be a haphazard and unrewarding endeavour.

Once you have contacted professionals equipped to carry out a full pension review for you, you will be able to work closely with them to ensure that the scheme your investing in is as competitive as possible.

If, for whatever reason, you decide that your scheme is uncompetitive, expensive or ill-suited to your personal preferences and begin the process of transferring your pension to a different scheme.

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