What Exactly is Binary Trading?

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Financial trading can be complicated to understand. Learning why prices move, and how to speculate on the value of assets is one thing, but then there are also a host of different ways of actually doing the trading. Some are simple, such as buying or selling amounts of currency, but some can get more complex, when we start talking about futures and options. This is why binary options are becoming more popular. They offer a very simple and very quick way of profiting from the rise and fall of prices on anything from currency to precious metals.


Binary options are so-called because there are only two possible outcomes to a position. Where a normal trade could result in an almost infinite number of possibilities at either end of the scale, either a profit or loss, with a binary option, you either win a specific amount of money, or you win nothing. This initial amount is known when the trade is first opened, so there’s nothing to think about until the trade is over. You can’t change anything or exit the trade early.

What’s more is that binary trades are generally very short in duration. They are offered in a range of timescales, from the end of the trading day, right down to thirty second intervals. This means a great many fast-paced trades can be made quickly. Overtrading should be avoided, but if you’re looking to take advantage of small movements quickly, then this is an ideal product.

Many traders are of the opinion that binary options are good from a risk standpoint. Because outcomes are fully known when the position is opened, risk is easily calculated. This means that issues such as trading on a margin don’t pose quite the same problems as they would normally. You can’t lose more than you initially deposited, because you either lose what you’ve put in, or win.

While binary trading is indeed simple, it’s essential that you remember that it’s still a form of financial speculation, and is not gambling. You must make informed decisions about when to enter the market, or you risk losses. For this reason, you must master binary options trading if you’re going to be successful. While binary options are indeed easier to use, they should be treated just as if you were buying and selling real tangible assets such as stocks, shares, or precious metals.