The Importance of Setting your Spending Priorities

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Especially if you are undergoing financial crisis, be it reduced income or increased expenses, having a spending plan is one thing you should most certainly look into. These days, it is so easy to get caught up with spending distractions that falling into the pit of unpaid bills and accumulating debts come rather effortless. So, before you even think about dashing to the Apple store to get yourself the newest iPhone, think! Is it the most important to spend on right now?


Having a spending plan does more than just aid you in keeping track of your money. More than anything, it will help you make decisions on how you can better spend your money. List down all your lifestyle essentials and allocate your money accordingly. In doing so, you are eliminating the likelihood of you spending on the unnecessary and ending up defaulting on important financial obligations.

A spending plan will help set your priorities. This comes most helpful for people who are experiencing sudden change in income. If you have suddenly been laid off work or perhaps, have gotten sick for a long period, you will definitely need to make some spending readjustments. Your spending plan will tell you if you will need to cut down on excessive dinners or perhaps need to welcome a new roommate to share the room rent with for a couple of months.


It is also important that you are aware if your spending still matches how much you are earning. Keeping a spending plan will tell you exactly this. Perhaps, you are thinking it’s okay to buy the set of designer clothes and makeup kits right in front of you today, forgetting you bought a Rolex just 4 days ago.

Impulse buying is strong in everyone. With a spending plan, however, this is minimized since everything will be accounted for – your needs first, then your wants and even all else in between. It helps lower the risk of you suffering from any form of financial crisis.