The financial benefits of a funeral plan

funeral plan
funeral plan

Let’s talk about death.

More explicitly, let’s talk about making advance arrangements for your funeral and why it makes perfect financial sense.

funeral plan

funeral plan

First of all, we should dispel a couple of myths – advance planning of a funeral is not reserved for the elderly, terminally ill or morbidly obsessed.

Admittedly, facing up to your own mortality can be a potentially harrowing experience, but not knowing what life plans to throw at you – and the emotional impact your death can have on your family – should be enough to inspire a bit of forward planning.

However, arranging your own funeral is not simply a case of deciding whether you wish to be buried or cremated or what songs should be played during the service (although that is important).

Instead, increasing numbers of us realise the importance of getting our financial affairs in order to give our loved ones far less to worry about when the time comes.

As such, pre-paid funeral plans, which can be purchased by clicking here, are the logical place to start.

Paying for a funeral in advance means you pay for the service at today’s cost and not at future prices (funeral costs are set to rise by another £1,400 in the next seven years). This gives your family the peace of mind and comfort that your wishes will be carried out.

Those who plan in advance can find a pre-paid funeral plan that matches their budget and can tailor the plan to suit their individual requirements. You can decide everything in advance, right down to the kind of songs you would like. If you change your mind, this can be amended at a later date.

Importantly, it’s vital to make your family aware that you have a funeral plan in place. This avoids any confusion and the potential scenario of loved ones shelling out money on another funeral.

Taking out a funeral plan is safe and secure, which means your money is safeguarded and invested to ensure there will always be sufficient funds available to meet the costs of the service. What’s more, it’s a considerate way to avoid financial strain on your family

Investing in a plan is an easy way to make sure your family are provided for and the stress of funeral arrangements is avoided. Additionally, your family will be comforted with the fact that they are carrying out your specific funeral arrangements.

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