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For every door that closes another one opens. Usually a much larger one. It happened to the founder of Plan C, the startup that Milan made ​​as a project of co-working dedicated to professional women (with or without children) and men (strictly with children).

Plan C company in Milan, Italy
Plan C company in Milan, Italy

The company founded by five women and two men was recognized as Best Social Innovation by the European Investment Bank receiving a prize of 15 thousand euro. However Plan C cannot access the registry of innovative startups and related facilities. The law passed by Monti government in December last year provides for a number of requirements including at least one of the following: research and development expenses equal to or greater than 20%, the use of highly qualified personnel (PhD) and a patent.

European Investment Bank
European Investment Bank

Conditions which, as in this case, are independent from the value and the innovative component of the project. So much that Riccarda Zezza, a founder of Plan C, stated “we receive daily proposals to open Plan C in other cities like Trieste, Padua, Turin, Rome, Perugia.” Company’s core reconciliation lies between work and private life by offering time saving services entrusted to a “butler” (bill payment, withdrawal from the laundry clothes, shoes repaired, fresh bread) and space to accommodate children.