Memorable meetings

How do you really wow your clients, or make your staff feel rewarded? One way of doing both is choosing the right venue for your meeting or conference. The modern event organiser is not confined to head office boardrooms or hotel business suites – the world offers a whole host of unique meeting locations in places that you wouldn’t normally associate with flipcharts and name badges. Caxton FXprovides an easy way to use international business payments service, with real time exchange rates that keep costs down – peace of mind if you decide to take business somewhere weird and wonderful.


San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoological parks in the world, with its Californian climate and first class animal amenities making it a perfect home for all manner of animals. It’s a big business too and has dedicated corporate event specialists. There are meeting rooms with views over ornamental gardens, a myriad of eateries such as the Sabertooth Grill and a host of team building packages available too. After a day’s business your colleagues or clients can take a relaxing tour of the zoo, or embark on team building activities such as “ZSI – Zoo Scene Investigators”. A step out of the urban jungle and into the next best thing to a real jungle will inspire staff and impress clients.

The cosmopolitan Canadian city of Toronto is a great place to do business, and delegates won’t have any problems locating this venue. The 553 metre high CN Tower has a variety of meeting rooms available, as well as the Maple Leaf Cinema – ideal for high profile presentations. The meeting rooms themselves are fairly standard (albeit comfortable and good quality), but the unique selling points here are the prestige of the venue and of course the tower itself. The 360 restaurant at the top of the tower commands stunning views across Toronto and also revolves, letting you take in the scenery citywide. If you have a head for heights it’s the perfect place to seal a deal.

The Walt Disney Company didn’t get where it is today without knowing a little bit about business, and the corporation has happily extended his hand to offer both a cheery wave and a firm handshake to meeting and event planners looking for something a bit different. Disneyland Paris offers “Business Solutions”, with its very own logo featuring that famous mouse silhouette sporting a tie. The French outpost of the Disney theme park empire has a variety of rooms and venues suitable for meetings, conferences, dinners and exhibitions. And of course the pressure of a day’s business can be instantly alleviated with a sprinkle of Disney magic and a shot on some of those fantastic rides and attractions!

All three locations offer expert service, meaning most things will be taken care of on location in advance. To ensure that you are able to keep things running smoothly, travel with a prepaid currency card to meet any surprise expenses.