Investment Options for the Newbies

If you really want to make more money than you’re earning now, you should invest. There are plenty of ways to double your funds and achieve financial stability in a year or so, depending on the investment product you choose. As a beginner, however, choosing the right one is confusing and complicated. Nothing like an in-depth research can resolve, however.

So what are some of the most common investments?


Yes, the money you put in a bank is an investment, except that the profit you make is really low, making it the least viable tool if you want to earn more in one year. But the fact that you set aside money for reasons other than to spend it is a wise move.

 Graph With Stacks Of Coins


These are among the most conventional type of investment. You get a share if you buy a stake in a company, making you one of its shareholders. This entitles you to plenty of benefits. Whatever profit, gains or income a company enjoys will be extended to you. So imagine how fast you can turn your finances around if you buy shares from one of the Fortune 500 companies.


Also known as fixed interest securities, a bond involves you loaning your money to a company or government that wishes to raise funds. The loan’s value is set in advance and the interest is also predetermined. At the end of the term, you will be paid all your money back plus interest.



Among all investment products, real estate is often considered not a very good idea. A lot of work is needed to find the right investment and liquidation doesn’t happen overnight. The income you make from the rent, however, could be lucrative. This is especially true if the property meets all the right criteria—strategic location, in good condition and requires little maintenance. Whichever investment you choose, you must familiarize the risks involved. Shares, for example, are more risky than bonds, but have higher returns.

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