Improving customer experience: how to revamp your fitting rooms and boost sales

As customers browse your shop, glancing at price tags and sizing up your various offers, there’s only one question on their mind when they finally stumble upon an item they like…

…to buy or not to buy?

From this point, you’ve not got long to sweet talk them into parting with their cash. If you happen to be busy dealing with another customer or sorting through new stock, you could end up missing out on a valuable sale.

But there is one final part of the retail experience that might just push them into making the right buying decision.

And it all comes down to your fitting rooms.

Getting the fitting rooms right

Whilst your customer heads off to try on their finds, that inner battle about whether or not to buy anything is already well under way.

To win the fight and subtly encourage them to make a purchase, your fitting rooms need to provide a comfortable, attractive and reassuring space that makes them look and feel good.

Fail to offer them that and your disappointed customer will quickly leave without spending a penny.

As the penultimate step in your customer’s retail experience, it’s definitely worthwhile re-evaluating your fitting rooms and making a few small improvements.

Here are five simple and budget-friendly ways you can do exactly that.

#1: pick a persuasive colour

Most fitting rooms tend to run on the small side, so picking the right colour is essential. It’ll not only make them appear more spacious and open, it’ll also give the overall atmosphere a much-needed lift.

Pastel blues, sea greys and creamy tans all have soothing, calming effects, perfect for keeping stressed customers feeling positive.

#2: give it a facelift

Chipped walls, hooks for hanging clothes that can’t hold anything heavier than a feather, squeaky doors that don’t quite close – time isn’t kind to fitting room fixtures. Give them a facelift to instantly make them feel more inviting and reassuring.

Go for a DIY approach and you won’t have to spend a fortune hiring a joiner. Just make sure that, from contact adhesive to marble-effect veneers, you source quality materials to achieve a polished, professional finish.

#3: install flattering lighting

Super-harsh lighting that emphasises every imperfection and spot of cellulite isn’t going to put your customers in the mood to buy.

Dimmers in the fitting rooms will let you adjust the lighting at different times, so you can keep it low and flattering when people are trying on clothes but bright when cleaning up at the end of the day.

#4: get the temperature right

Everyone has a different idea of what counts as too hot and too cold, so getting the temperature spot-on in changing rooms is hard.

Pick a level that you’re happy working in, but if a customer is clearly overheating or shivering then adjust it to make them feel more comfortable.

#5: provide exceptional customer service

There’s nothing more annoying than being pestered by an overly keen sales assistant, especially when you’re trying on clothes. Before your customer heads into the fitting room, let them know they can shout on you for help or extra sizes, and then leave them alone.

If they end up being in there a while (a clear sign that there’s some serious umming and aahing going on), you can get away with asking if they need any assistance once again. Otherwise, give them space to breathe and think.

Do you have any other top tips for creating sales-boosting, welcoming fitting rooms customers will love? Leave a comment and let us know.

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