How to Be Smart Spender and Not Be a Cheapskate

Beautiful woman buys shoes

When it comes to achieving financial independence in the future or simply saving up on your monthly expenditures, frugality is the key. At times, however, frugal people overdo it that they end up being free-loaders and being liabilities to those around them. If you do not want to end up being called a cheapskate, here are some suggestions to becoming a smart spender:

Go for Quality

Although not all costly purchases are of good quality, most quality brands are made to last longer. Do not be swayed with buying cheap products in order to save on your expenses. Say, you are shopping for shoes. Why pay for a cheaper pair that will only last for months? It is better to pay for shoes that cost a little higher and is durable than spend less for shoes you need to replace after just a few uses.

Beautiful woman buys shoes

Become a Smart Diner

There is no need to ask your mate to pay for your grub or say no to dinner invitations in order to skip spending much for eating out. You can order dinner specials that cost less than regular meals and you can just ask for water over instead of having cocktails. Perhaps, you and your mates can order for the whole group and go Dutch.

Ride a Bike to Work

Is your workplace near where you live? If so, you can opt to ride a bike. This is not only good on your pocket but is also good for your health. Or perhaps you might want to get a newer car if you still have that old beat up car you have had for years. The higher the number of miles it has, the more it consumes petrol.

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Check Your Fridge

Sort out what food is in your refrigerator. If you have left-over meat and vegetables, you can make stew instead of throwing those vegetables away. Make a list of grocery items you need to buy and check if you still have some of the items in your fridge so you need not purchase them anymore.

You can save on your expenses without having to ruin your relationships with friends and family because you are being too frugal. Follow these suggestions and see the difference.