Grocery Shopping Tips for Penny Pinchers


We all could use some smart shopping tips to save money on groceries. And if you seriously want to know how to cut down your grocery bill each month, check out these rather unconventional grocery-shopping tips.

Scan your groceries at home.

Did you know that Nielsen (yes, that consumer research company) will pay you for scanning your groceries per week?

All you need to do is be a member of its panels of households by completing its registration questionnaire. Once your registration is approved, you will receive a hand-held scanner which you can use to scan the products you purchase every week. The data you have scanned will be automatically sent to the company via the scanner’s Base Unit).


In return, you will receive points for every week you scan. These points are exchangeable for gifts and store vouchers. You will also be given an entry into a regular prize draw. So, how about that?

Use coupons apps

If you’re tired of writing a weekly shopping list, you should seriously consider installing a coupons app. This money-saving app will show you all of the weekly ads from stores in your area, allow you to search for specific items to find the best deals near you or get discount coupons. Some coupons apps, such as Retale, will allow you to automatically add items in your shopping list.


Use reward cards in your grocery purchases.

Stop leaving free money on the table. Reward cards will give you points for a certain amount of purchases. You can use the accumulated points to pay your groceries or avail of rewards. Some reward cards will allow you to convert points to cash.

Saving money on your weekly groceries is possible, and the above tips are just a few. Check out our other featured articles for more money-saving tips.