Fight fire in your office: for safety’s sake

You’re tapping on the keyboard in your cubicle, lamenting the filing monkey you’ve become. The clicking of your keys is the only sound you can hear in the darkened sea of the office, your only source of light a dinky desk lamp.

But you meticulous work schedule is about to be interrupted – in an almost fatal circumstance.


Just as you send your last email, a pungent scent hits your nasal passages, like burnt toast turned into a bonfire. You stand up and spot black smoke slithering its way across the office, a flurry of flames cracking close behind it.

That previously dark office is looking pretty bright now.

You run for the exit, but flames block your way. Smoke rises further, you’ve no way out, apart from…

You leap from an open window and, in a piece of providence, land on a mattress in a skip.

Fire engine sirens ring in your ears like the clarion call of a guardian angel arriving just a minute too late. But your office is still slowly smouldering to ash.

Even so, you’ve been luckier than most. Hundreds of people suffer fatalities in workplace fires every year. How can you ensure your next office won’t suffer the same fate?

Blast to success

You might not consider the strength of your plasterboard very frequently, but they don’t have as much heft as you think. When flames come to conquer your workplace, those thin walls will be the first to perish.

Indeed, fire will break through your walls like they were butter in a kiln – unless you install the correct security.

A blast wall can be easily implemented into your existing wall space by a professional company. With this fireproof surface, your office will be protected by the licking evils of fire for up to four hours. So you’ll have plenty of time to call the emergency services before your office is destroyed.

Know the score

While it’s great that you’re hyper-vigilant about fire safety, it’s not much use if your staff don’t have a clue.

Organise a talk from a fire safety expert, who can teach your staff the specifics of fire safety. Beyond this, send regular reminders to employees on how they can prevent a fire, as well as where all fire exits are located.

Flames could start at any moment – make sure your staff aren’t caught out.

The tools for success

Without the right tools for a job, fighting fire is about as easy as flying to the moon. To extinguish flames, you need to be kitted out with a very specific set of instruments.

Stock your workplace with a number of fire extinguishers, blankets, a sprinkler system and high-intensity lights for fire exit signs. While this is a requirement of law, go above and beyond the call of duty to improve the safety of your employees and your office.

If you do spot a fire, don’t whip out the fire extinguisher straight off the bat. Your first port of call should always be to ring 999 – before your building perishes.

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