Christmas 2012: Top Ten Tips to save

What to buy in Christmas
What to buy in Christmas

Everybody says it, especially those of Codacons: the prices of goods related to Christmas are on the upside. So it will take a double loop belt for our dinners and gifts. Regardless, as noted by Carlo Rienzi, the bloodletting who was represented by Imu, fare increase, fuel skyrocketing and expectations for the future.”

What to buy in Christmas

What to buy in Christmas

For this reason I would like to give you some advice inspired by a set of guidelines drawn up by the consumers.

1) Do not buy gifts at the last. Buying late you lose the ability to enjoy promotional offers and you may have less to choose from.

2) Compare prices and quality of the products that you intend to purchase. Choosing only the cheaper product may not be the best choice. Better to choose the best quality / price ratio.

3) Chapter dinner: Do not buy more than you need. In this case buying the products well in advance might be a bad idea because it reduces the quality of the food.

4) Buy seasonal produce or to Km Zero. The exotic products cost much and are bad for the environment.

5) Buy bulk products or processed – we can do it ourselves. We can buy a Pandora simple example and provide ourselves to stuff it. It will be more genuine and economical.

6) Use the useful gifts for Christmas. Avoid buying on impulse because it is often that the bought as gifts are quickly forgotten in some closet.

7) Do not buy clothes or accessories. You can buy them in the month of January at a lower price.

8) Create your own Christmas decorations. Become an opportunity to save money and do something fun.

9) Remember to keep your receipt. In this way we may withdraw from the purchase if the purchased item is not enough for our needs.