Career Options in Investment Banking

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Many investment jobs come from very large finance corporations and global investment banks. However, some jobs are available at smaller investment firms, alternative asset management companies, and large companies that require banking and investment skills.

Investment Banking Jobs

Merger and Acquisition Banker – make sure that deals are in line with financial strategies and merger goals. You become an M&A expert by achieving legendary status in initiating and completing financially rewarding deals.


Underwriter – assist big corporations and governments in raising capital. Liaise for clients, traders and other finance people. More financial rewards wait in the field of debt underwriting, but expect to work long hours.

Private Equity – work in investment banks or specialist firms. Ensure that a good portion of profits is reinvested properly. Having extensive experience with large investment bank or unmatched academic qualifications can get you far.

Venture Capital – decide which of the new or startup businesses are financially rewarding to invest in (provide capital for). It can be exciting to fund startups especially those involved with innovative products and services.

What the job entails?

Most candidates come from prestigious Ivy League and comparable colleges. Fresh graduates usually land a job and stay there for a couple of years, gain contact and skills, and then go back to school to for a master’s degree or graduate study. Competition is fierce, and having a reputable educational and work background is the key to landing a decent position with an attractive pay.


If you work in investment banking, expect to work extremely long hours. It is physically draining as much as it is mentally. You’re going to make some of the most critical decisions that directly impact a company and its future, including the people involved. You work with large sums of money, and you can’t afford to make haphazard actions. You usually juggle between studying computer data and programs and interacting with people personally and online. In exchange for a really tough and demanding job, you get paid tremendously – usually in the five to seven digits.