Beware: The Five Covert Destroyers of Your Property

Some things can destroy your home without you knowing it. It pays to be vigilant because most of the time, property damage are preventable and avoidable. That is, if you know the attacker of your real estate property. Well, we’re not talking about burglars and criminals here but those that quickly and severely cause structural damage to your home that can sometimes go undetected for years.


Any space or property has three things: wood, water and soil, which are the three elements in a termite habitat. When only a few, termites are vulnerable; but as a colony, they are highly destructive. One day you see their tunnels up your stairs, the next day, they’ve literally chewed upon much of your porch.



Pests are a nuisance, but more than being annoying, they are very damaging to property and belongings. Rats, wasps, and bats are just some of the pests that could make a breeding ground in your home and virtually overtake your private space in no time by destroying wires, insulators, fabrics and woods.


Leaks in roofing, plumbing and sewage may appear trivial at the start, but could cause great damage to your property when ignored. These leaks should not be ignored and be taken care of by a professional like All Around Roofing and Exteriors Inc. Continued roof leaks lead to rotting and mold development on organic material found in roof beams, ceiling and insulation, while faulty and aged water lines may destroy flooring components.



Hailstorms may pour ice blocks big enough to pound on any exterior surfaces of your home, especially roofing and siding, as well as outdoor décor. It is best to invest on home exteriors with higher resistance against hail damage.


Lightning can trigger fire and electrical damage. Houses and other structures need a surge protector to avoid the damaged caused by lightning. Also, it is best to use shockwave-proof materials where lightning is frequent. Lightning create shockwave that we hear as thunder, which could be powerful enough to fracture bricks, glass, and concrete.

Is your property resistant or protected from these five destructive elements? Have a pest and termite control inspect your home today, and have an engineer check the reliability of your house against damage from leaks, lightning and hailstorm.

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