Best Things To Tell Your Recruiter Before the Job Search

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In the job search process, working with accounting recruiting firms can be extremely beneficial in finding the job you really want to have. Working with a recruiter is a slightly different process then job searching on your own. The recruitment agencies will find the open positions for you and do a preliminary round of interviewing for their client to determine if you are a good “fit” for the position the client is looking to fill. It is as if the recruiter has the inside track. So how can you use this part of the process to your advantage?

There are some things you should never tell your recruiter, and there are some things you should definitely share with your recruiter. Here are some topics you should remember to broach with your recruiter.

The Truth – If a recruiter brings a job to you and you know you don’t want to do it, be honest. Let them know you are not interested, so they can find a position that you are interested in and they can work on filling the position you are not interested in. Do not waste the recruiters’ time or yours going through the process for a job you don’t want. Also, don’t lie about your qualifications. Recruiters have a way of finding out the truth.

Elevator Pitch – Have one and use it. The accounting recruitment agencies in Orange County and other places are going to ask you “why should I hire you?” Have your 30-second spew about yourself, strengths, and positive attributes. This shows confidence and that you know what you are looking for.

The Bottom Line – Money isn’t everything, but it is why you work. Let your recruiter know what kind of pay you are looking for. Don’t ever be afraid to ask “What is the salary range for this position?”