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A change or even a diversification of career can seem daunting, but if you are unhappy with your current employment situation, earnings potential or general working conditions, it’s time to do something about it. Typically, workers in the public sector like doctors and nurses are really starting to feel the impact of ongoing cutbacks. If you are feeling more frequently that a change of career is the best option for you – it’s really just a case of doing your research and being prepared to train up.

Doctors, nurses into Aesthetics

For many healthcare professionals there are increasing opportunities in the private aesthetics business – and it’s a relatively easy switch to make. Although there has been a slow-down in major surgical cosmetic operations, the anti-ageing market – and in particular treatments such as BOTOX® is continuing to grow. Legislation to restrict those entitled to administer these injectible procedures is being enforced and gradually the message is getting out there – to the professionals and the consumer.

Only medically trained workers such as doctors, nurses, dentists and consultants are actually qualified to conduct injectible serums like botulinum toxin, and dermal fillers. These professionals are, as part of the medical training, already qualified to Level 6 (Bachelor Degree or equivalent). But the right training is still a legal requirement in order to understand the injectibles practice, business and industry. If you wish to offer these treatments to paying patients – then you will need the resultant qualification for indemnity insurance. This also provides reassurance to your patients and prospective clients.

BOTOX, the training

How to train up on BOTOX® – and get the right qualification…How to train up on BOTOX® – and get the right qualification…
Investing in your future by training yourself on the best course available will pay dividends in the long run.  If you are a nurse or nurse prescriber, you can be looking at a salary of c£50k in the South East of England, compared to the average nurses salary of c£24k in the public sector this is impressive.  Add to that, flexible working hours and improved conditions, your move into the aesthetics world is looking very bright indeed.
As a qualified medic at Level 6 or above, you might want to concentrate your business on providing BOTOX® type treatments you will need to complete this specific training.  Typically courses for injectible procedures will consist of a large theory section and then some tutorial sessions with hands on practice.  There should be a final assessment, and once passed, a certificate is awarded.
On a good BOTOX® Course at foundation level you will take around 100 hours and cover:
• Facial Anatomy• Different types/brands of botulinum toxin• Medical history, consent forms and note taking• Patient assessment• Possible complications and how to avoid/deal with them• Pre-treatment and post-treatment care
Once you have your qualification you are permitted to conduct BOTOX® on paying patients. It is this certificate of qualification that you will need to be legally compliant.

Your business options

The many business options open to you as a healthcare professional are:

  • A new, independent aesthetics clinic on your own
  • Partner with another qualified practitioner to start a new clinic.
  • Hire space in another clinic, hospital or spa-type establishment.
  • Freelance services to a mix of independent clinics, spas or hospitals.
  • Mobile practice – offering injectibles such as BOTOX® in patients’ own homes.

With the continuing demand for these types of treatments, the industry could start to see some franchise models in the coming years.

Although you might feel well-equipped and confident from your injectibles training, it is good advice to learn the trade first by working within an established clinic.  From this, you will learn even more under good supervision whilst getting a good grasp on how to increase your client base.

So when you break it down, the steps you need to take in order to make the move to a more lucrative and happier working life within the injectibles business are simple and offer quick rewards. Not so daunting after all?