Advantages and Effectiveness of Online Banking

Most if not all banks offer online banking or electronic banking. They have secured websites where clients may enroll their accounts and start banking via the Internet – electronically transfer funds, make bill payments, or invest money. However, security issues hovering the Internet concerns bank clients who are reluctant to try out online banking for its convenience and speed.

Electronic banking or e-banking is convenient and useful. Clients can do banking transactions at home. It basically reduces the need for personal bank visits, which troubles many aged and disabled clients, as well as those with very little time.


Online banking is relatively safe and secure, as all bank sites provide encryption and other security features to safeguard privacy and confidentiality of every transaction. Nevertheless, clients need to carefully select their log in details and renew passwords as often as possible for added safety. Log in details should be memorized and never revealed to anyone, even bank staff. In addition, to ensure fund transfer security, clients need to input security codes sent to their mobile phones to validate the transfer.

Charges are minimal, and there are basically no charges for transactions involving the same bank. This cuts the costs of making visits to the bank.

It’s easier to view bank statements online, and clients can print out copies if they want to. Monitoring transactions is easier and faster simply by looking up online statements and summaries.


Various accounts with a single bank may be enrolled under one online banking account. This means that a single user with many accounts can seamlessly do transactions, transferring funds from one account to another or pay credit card bills all in a few mouse clicks.

Online banking accounts may be used for online shopping and other Internet transactions such as booking tickets and making hotel reservations. This makes online consumerism more fun and more convenient than ever.

Overall, e-banking is effective because it cuts the cost and time needed to make bank visits, to pay bills and to track accounts. It is relatively easier to use, too. Bank websites provide user-friendly pages complete with helpful guides and information to maximize client’s visit.

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