6 of the Best Places to Invest in Property

A lot of people dream of owning a second house or retiring to a place where there is sunshine all year round. But shelling out hard cash into a property that’s located hundreds of miles comes with a lot of risks.

There are a number of places that offer good value for investors in a wide of range of price brackets.


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona will always be a place that will draw people no matter the month or day. Reports have it that property sales are up by 250 percent. One of the reasons for this could be the Spanish government’s efforts in enticing foreign buyers, offering stylish properties for as low as £400,000.


Since a year ago, now is the best time to have a piece of the Caribbean. This is because the government will be introducing a citizenship by investment scheme. This is to attract wealthy buyers.

Tuscany, Italy

Whether you’re looking to sell or rent out your Tuscan home, you’ll always be thankful you bought a house here because people will envy you for doing so. Because the upmarket buy-to-let sector is still going great, you should look into investing in one today.


With its stable government, tax-free zone, higher GDP growth rate in 2012 and a thriving entrepreneurial atmosphere, Panama is a great bet for the real estate investing game.



According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, Montenegro will continue to enjoy a steady increase of tourists in the coming years. And because this country’s property market is still young, properties here offer more value for your money.


People who are planning to explore the whole of Latin America will always be drawn to Brazil. This is because this country offers an endless array of fantastic things to see and do. Aside from that, the government is driving more foreign investors here to solve the problem of housing shortage. In fact, there are now several low-cost housing developments in the country.

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