Benefiting by the quit smoking-calculator

Non-monetised benefits of a non-smoking calculator


Here are some statements about the benefits of non-smoking life, made ​​by ex-smokers who participated in a survey conducted in Geneva:


– “I have more money.”


– “I feel younger.” “I have more energy.” “I’m in better shape.”


– “I have rediscovered tastes and scents.”


– “I feel much better.” “I breathe better.” “I feel proud.”


– “I have better breath.” “My clothes disappeared.” “I look better.”


– “I do not have to worry about my lungs.”


– “I do not cough anymore.” “I do not have headaches anymore.” “I’m not nervous.”


– With the same amount of money that I used to spend for cigarettes now I can:

1) Pay my mortgage

2) Buy a new car

3) Pay my gym membership for life

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