3 Ways to Save Money Online in 2019

When it comes to saving money and being savvy with our savings, it often feels like we have to make difficult choices between doing things we want to do. However, the internet is a surprisingly rich source of discounts, deals, and ways to continue to enjoy ourselves while we save money – or at least don’t spend as much. From money-off vouchers, promotional offers, and ways to make money with apps, the internet doesn’t just have to be a place to spend money.

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Promotional Offers

When it comes to entertainment, Netflix and Spotify – as well as most online entertainment services – offer free trials before committing to using the services, so this could enable you to enjoy the service without having to pay. There are promotional offers online that we could benefit from to try to save money in activities we may be doing anyway, especially when signing up to new services through welcome offers. For instance, the Oddschecker page on free bets for Cheltenham features dozens of offers for those interested in placing a bet. Gyms also offer free passes or free trials with online offers, so these could be used cleverly to get a free workout.

Money-Off Vouchers

Everybody loves getting money off – and if you’re going to be buying something anyway, some extra money off could contribute to your savings plan. Groupon offer a range of money-off deals on everything from trips to courses, while money saving expert Martin Lewis offers a range of validated deals on his website, Money Saving Expert. Quidco offers opportunity for cashback on products and services. Saving money and making the most of your cash is all about changing what you’d normally do to try to make substitutes that save money. Most newspapers even have sections that offer money-off for various events and products, so shopping around is crucial to finding a good deal.

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Ways to Make Money Online

Apps are a useful way in which money can actually be made – or at least discounts can be gained. iPoll, Swagbucks, Slidejoy, Pact, Gigwalk, Loot! and AppTrailers offer opportunities to do surveys or watch adverts, or even have them hosted on your home screen, to earn tokens which can be exchanged for monetary equivalents. For a spare few minutes or a boring commute, this could prove quite lucrative.

Finding offers online is easy, as VoucherCodes shows, and could help you save money, especially when you are savvy and want to stick to a strict money plan in order to not just spend wisely, but to save wisely as well.