3 Tips for Keeping It Clean In the Office

Every business has the potential to become a hotbed of activity for germs and bacteria – but there are some very basic hygiene and safety rules your firm can follow to avoid diseases spreading like wildfire.

Clean office

Clean office

For many office workers, information about the sheer amount of germs swarming around their keyboard or mouse – a mouse contains more than three times the level of bacteria than a toilet seat – would be enough to induce a hysterical bacteria-related panic.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

By employing a sensible set of hygiene, sanitation and safety guidelines, you and your colleagues can easily learn how to be more hygienic and avoid illnesses associated with unsanitary working conditions.

Here’s how …

Keep your hands clean

Most of us wash our hands after using the toilet – or do we? According to research, high levels of faecal bacteria are typically found on keyboards and mice as workers fail to wash their mitts after using the bathroom.

Consequently, your firm may be fighting a losing battle if employees are refusing use your washroom services to wash their hands properly after spending a penny. A proper hand wash involves the use of anti-bacterial soap for 20 seconds, which should help remove any nasty bacteria picked up in the toilet.

If you haven’t already, ensure there’s adequate signage in each bathroom reminding staff to wash their hands. As a shock tactic, you can even pass around some statistics about the effects NOT washing your hands can have on health – and change should swiftly follow.

Avoid munching at your desk

It’s obvious when you think about it, but one of the primary reasons for bacteria spreading is staff chowing down on their breakfast or lunch at their desk. As a result, crumbs from food can find their way into keyboards, which can cause nasty germs to multiply. From a business owner’s perspective, it’s perhaps worthwhile employing a policy where employees leave their desk to eat – whether it’s in the staff room, or elsewhere – to avoid the office becoming unsanitary.

Employ professional cleaners

While your typical office cleaner will do a good job of mopping the floor and giving the desks a once over with a duster, the electrical equipment in the office will rarely get much attention. Therefore, the bacteria will build up in your mouse and keyboard as the weeks and months pass. To avoid this, try to set time aside to give your keyboard and mouse a thorough clean to remove bacteria. A simple deep clean can be achieved by removing all of the keys from your keyboard and soaking them in warm, soapy water.

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