3 Financial Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Marriage

You both made a promise to love each other until death do you part. However, we all know that simple troubles can lead to a marriage falling apart. One of the major troubling points for any union are money mistakes that can destroy a relationship.

Each person has different financial habits, and when couples finally tie the knot, these habits can sometimes be the cause of so much ire. However, the key to making a union work is to spot these troubles early on and remedy them.


With that said, here are some of the financial mistakes that can tear apart a marriage:

Keeping secrets from each other or lying

Let’s face it, each one of us have their own passions and sometimes that tends to take a back seat once we enter marriage. Some people are willing to give them up, but often times, are tempted to be a bit selfish and indulge in what they really love. And this often leads to one spouse lying about having made a purchase and so on.

However, as tiring as it may be, one of the possible solutions for this not to end in financial trouble is to have separate accounts that you all know about. Wive has her own personal account. Husband has his own. And both have a joint account for home expenses – groceries, mortgage, repairs, etc. The individual accounts are for your own personal passions so you won’t fault the other for spending the money for spending the money for groceries.

Wanting to keep score

One of you will definitely earn less than the other. The higher earner doesn’t get to be the boss of the household just because they’re earning more. It’s still about being a team. Even if the other earns less, they still need to make a small contribution in running the household. It wouldn’t make sense for the higher earner to shoulder everything.

 studying together 2

Existing money-related issues

Be it a gambling problem or a shopping addiction, having a partner with untreated addictive behavior can lead to chaos. It would be pointless to discuss financial issues with a partner who is suffering. It’s only when they’re sober can you be able to fix any issues. By paying attention to these signs and catching them early on, maybe there’s a big chance that a marriage can be saved and financial woes be repaired.

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