Why and how to invest in gold coins

We know that this is not a time when it is particularly convenient to invest in gold. Neither physical nor virtual. The topic sterling gold, however, is more far reaching of general interest in the culture of investment. Those who buy physical gold can in fact choose between jewelery, bullion and coins. Among these, the most recommended are definitely the gold sovereigns which are very easy to liquidate in any place and time. In practice buying or receiving a gift of gold coins in hand is like having an ingot of small size, easy to invest and disinvest to carry and is highly demanded in the market because it has far more intrinsic value due to the metal it contains.

The pounds are also known as sovereign. They are the new and the old British coinage, all of 22 carat but with very different prices. The first were minted in 2000, the latter date from the period of 1887 to 1982 and are considered the best because they are cheaper than the newers ones, but may be resold at the same price as the latter. The important thing is that they are well preserved and not abraded. There are also coins prior to the Victorian period which obviously have a higher price given their rarity.

Gold Coins

Gold Coins

When you need to sell gold coins that you own you do not need to follow special procedures and even show where they come from or produce the original document of purchase. You just go to a bank branch or at official money changers. It would be better to avoid the shops  called buy gold which often charge prices not affordable for the seller and are often an area comparable to a Far West unregulated with plenty of surprises.

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