Where To Buy Insurance?

It is not as if there is a shortage of places where you can get insurance but it is not a decision that you should rush into. If you feel as though you need insurance, there are many things you should take into consideration before option for one. First of all, you need to think about your own circumstances or situation. This means you should give particular thought to your age, your employment status, your health and medical history, your current lifestyle and how much coverage you actually want. There are different levels of coverage available so make sure you find the level that is right for you.

A whole of life policy will provide you with a guaranteed pay-out but it will be a more expensive insurance policy compared to a level term insurance policy or a decreasing term insurance policy.

There are many different places where you can go to get quotes for an insurance policy. At the moment, there is a lot of praise and focus on comparison sites. The idea that you can get a wide range of insurance options presented to you in one place and time is very convenient for people. However, it should always be remembered that comparison sites are not always independent and you may not always get the full range of options open to you. If you are going to study insurance offers on a comparison site, make sure you use at least 2 comparison sites to ensure you get the best offers.

Insurance and Risk

Insurance and Risk

Of course, when you use insurance comparison sites, there is every chance that the big name insurance companies will not be on it. This means if you want to make sure that you get the best offers, you will have to review what the major firms provide as well. If you have existing accounts with these major firms, it may well be that you are able to get additional benefits by signing up for what they have to offer.

You are not short of insurance options

There has been an increase in the range of companies that are able to provide insurance premiums in recent years. In addition to insurance firms, you will find that mortgage providers, banks, credit card firms, supermarkets, independent financial advisers and even specialist brokers can provide you with an insurance policy.

If you have a unique situation or you have suffered a major illness or injury in recent times, you may be advised to work with a specialist broker to ensure you get the best deal possible. Even if you have limited options, you will still have options available to you, and working with a specialist means you will be more likely to find the best possible option that is available to you. If you are uncertain about which form of insurance is best for your needs, meeting with a financial adviser can put you on the right path to finding the insurance that is right for you. Many brokers and specialists will offer advice for free and will only receive payment on execution only. This may be of benefit to you but it is important to weigh up the overall cost of the insurance policy. Like any other industry or sector, receiving professional and expert help will often lead you to paying a premium somewhere along the line.



In New Zealand, you can buy insurance from Pinnacle Life where they offer four major products online. They sell life insurance, mortgage insurance, cancer insurance and funeral insurance online to NZ residents. Pinnacle Life has launched its web app in 2007 to offer underwritten insurance policies online, making them first in the world in selling life policies online. It is important that you read the small print and take on board what it means to you. It is also important that you are honest about your medical history.

You may think that there is a chance to save money by being creative with your medical history but this may negate the policy, leaving you with nothing. Many people have found that their attempts to save some money have actually cost them considerable sums in the long term. Read these 6 major mistakes that people often make on life insurance application. There is also a 30 day cooling off period with insurance policies so even if you are unsure after you have signed up for an insurance policy, there is a chance to cancel.

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