Used Scooters and mopeds | Falling market

The numbers of the market for used bikes are not good even in April as he recently revealed the ACI. In the fourth month of 2013, the two wheeler segment has seen changes in ownership decline of 2.4% compared to the same period last year. So if the first hand market could not keep the brunt of the fall in sales of new bikes now also the changes in ownership of scooters, motorcycles and mopeds dangerously aligns with the trend in registrations. In this way the market may not find any oxygen valve that can allow at least to limit the damage of a long period of recession. To say that despite the decline in the used vehicle market reveals possibilities for a good deal even using the web so do not miss it.



Among the many sites that contact sellers and buyers you can find Honda motorcycle for sale, as well as any other manufacturer. The hope for the second hand market with two wheels that can reverse this trend as soon as possible at a point away from the 16% recorded in the month of April 2013 from the market of new bikes. Considering the period from January to April of this year the market for used motorcycles declined by more than 6% to confirm that today the number of sales of second hand bikes and two-wheelers has decreased. The number of bikes that have been struck with a +12% has also increased compared to last year.

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