The need to import more auto parts in the market

In Uruguay a person who buys a vehicle with zero miles and has a traffic accident may have to wait up to four months to re-use his car. Lack of spare parts to resort to is one of the biggest problems currently facing insurers and workshops, so there are delays in their delivery to the car owners. Delays generate complaints from drivers. The deficit in the market for spare parts was detected even by the Executive of Parliament who included an article to force the import of  car parts in stock for a certain period and to be regulated thereafter.

Workshops consulted stated that the deficit is generated by the growth of the fleet. They also attributed responsibility to the variety of brands and models available. Today all brands are bringing six or seven new models. When one of them is damaged you need a big list of parts and there are great shortages. For new cars, the main criticism is the lack of body parts, such as lamps or for collisions, many pieces are broken, sometimes even the brakes. Thanks to – brakes in the UK this is not an issue, when the need arises to replace parts. Another part that is hard to replace unless importer are the ABS sensor. The shortage is generated because there are now more than 40 models in the market.

Spare Car Parts

Spare Car Parts

In the absence of spare parts in the domestic market, the only alternative is to bring them from the outside. However, this process takes on average 45 days. This creates delays in repairs and the owners leave for three months or more, with their cars standing at zero miles. According to the workshop owners, the greatest difficulty is verified on the vehicles of Chinese origin and those from Argentina and Brazil. But the shortfall also affects cars where the situation has increased due to vehicle theft.

The Ministry of Finance decided to legislate on the subject after repeated complaints from users to the area of Consumer Protection by the lack of spare parts. Once imported a product provider is obliged to ensure the stock of spare parts. The pieces must be in place so long as the vehicle warranty or the time available to the specific regulations are valid.

The supply of spare parts and components shall be maintained for a reasonable period. In 2012 the sale of cars, vans and light commercial vehicles reached a record figure of 53,237 units sold. The previous record was 2011, when 51,383 vehicles were sold in that range. When you buy a new car and have problems, the user has the right to think that the parts should appear immediately.

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