The era of Ballmer comes to an end in Microsoft

Thirteen years after he was released as CEO, announces his resignation. The controversial CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer will leave over the next year as they seek a replacement. Many breathe relieved and hope that this is nothing more than a catalyst for a giant who has spent years wandering around looking for your site. He retreats with personal wealth that is very close to the 1.000 million. It happens on many occasions. August is an opportunity to raise advertisements that may be shocking. This without doubt is not so much unexpected as many voices who have claimed it too much if not representing exchange for one of the largest companies in the global technology landscape.



As the company has released Ballmer has finally decided to retire. The relay has held an unusual shape because the substitute is not yet known, nor is there clear candidates. Something that did not happen for example with its rival Apple with the transition between Jobs and Tim Cook. There is now a year ahead to find a substitute for the historic managers who have aroused more criticism than praise.

It came in a sweet moment for Microsoft when your domain was overwhelming on the software market and the operating system. However, they clearly have failed to adapt to rapid and decisive changes in the market with a big boost in mobile devices despite its recent attempts. As close to this is the interesting analysis in The Atlantic. Microsoft used to be huge and after computers became small.

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