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Some time ago we published a long article full of advice for anyone who wanted to buy a property in New York. The latest trends for real estate business show that the most preferred of American cities is Miami, Florida, the metropolis that attracts for its mild climate, a vibrant social life,  arts and culture. The city attracts not only buyers of the U.S. domestic market but also investors from South America, Asia and Europe but is on the third place in the international ranking after Brazilians and Argentines. In fact, the demands are so numerous that Downtown in the center it is no longer possible to buy real estate in the first sale. Those that still find homes are the ones being built in the suburbs. As for the rental market, the prices of the locations are still growing. $ 1500 is an average price for a house without being pretentious.

Miami Florida Aerial ViewMiami Florida Aerial View

Miami Florida Aerial View

In addition to penthouses in Miami condo hotels are also considered especially valuable. There’s also the practically designer palaces, the most famous of which were designed by Pininfarina and Porsche. In the latter the car can be parked in your apartment through a glass elevator.

Downtown Miami Aerial View

Downtown Miami Aerial View

As for the price the most expensive is on Palm Island or Hibiscus Island where a house costs between 50 and 60 million dollars. A city apartment costs less than 200.000 € and once rented, it provides a gross annual income of around 8%.

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