Premium Checking and Savings Accounts You Should Consider This 2015

Unless you are a premier customer, banks will charge you with insane amounts every time you use the basic services of your checking and savings account. This is why it’s wise to take advantage of what premium checking accounts have to offer.

Here are four banks where you can the best premium accounts:


What’s great about Chase is that they are more straightforward with the options they can offer you. For one, they offer two premium checking accounts on top of their basic accounts. You are not charged when you withdraw at a non-Chase ATM machine up to four times within a statement period if you have a Premier Plus account. Your bank account would also earn interest, while they waive fees for cashier’s checks, money orders and traveler’s checks. On top of that, you can link your Premier Plus to other accounts. However, you need to have a maintaining balance of $15,000 to avoid the monthly fee of $25.


Another premium checking account that Chase offer is the Premier Platinum. It has the same features as the Premier Pus, has more free services, including priority customer service via telephone. The maintaining balance, however, is at least $75,000.

Bank of America

You can have access to Bank America’s Premium Solution checking account if you are already a customer and you have a daily maintaining balance of $20,000 or more. This type of account is perfect for those looking to segregate funds through multiple interest-bearing accounts as well as have investment accounts. This is especially useful if you have your investment accounts with Merrill Lynch and want to use Bank of America for lending needs.


Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo offer the Premier Relationship account, which comes with several perks and free services, including dedicated support staff, higher interest rates as well as additional credit card benefits, like travel protection and special purchase coverage.

To avoid the monthly fee of $30, which is higher than Chase and Bank of America, you need to have linked bank deposit accounts with a minimum balance of $25,000. You can also skip the monthly charge if you have $50,000 in any qualifying linked banking, credit balances or brokerage.

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