MoneyMap | The service of Fineco to easily manage the family budget

It’s true that taking in the entrances and exits with a special little program for our computer or smartphone, managing personal money for the family proves much easier. Not all of us are in fact sufficiently disciplined to keep receipts and bills to record cash flows on our agenda. The software to manage the family budget out there, many of them are free and very user friendly. MoneyMap for customers of Fineco however is a different solution and extremely efficient to keep the household under control and manage money and save smoothly, quickly and in a fun way.

Here is a summary of the features. This is not a download but an online platform built into account Fineco. Privacy and security of sensitive data is guaranteed at the highest level. The service is automatic. The program analyzes the steps taken and classifies them into categories. In addition to automatic it is also possible to use data personalization with filters, intake variations in the categories and subcategories of expenditure, charting for the analysis of small or large cash flows. MoneyMap allows you to set your own cost estimates based on the behavior of the user in the previous months. The operations carried out with credit cards Fineco are geo automatically and displayed on Google Maps.



Today more than ever we need to learn to distinguish between essential expenses and unnecessary to monitor outputs and plan appropriate cuts in our budget. In order to save money without depriving us of the important things. MoneyMap Fineco is a valuable tool in this regard and we are sure that in its guiding principles will soon be imitated by other lenders.

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