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There is an increasing number of European who makes a loan on the internet. The reasons are many, all for the benefit of the web. First of all, since there is no file: being comfortable in a chair, you can make a request after you choose – from the many search engines and portals – what is the most affordable financing. And in 48 hours, the cash is on the current account.

Loans on the internet

Loans on the internet

But this is not the only thing that works to the advantage of the loan electronically. On average, it costs less. It needs guarantees that are much more limited than making a contract with a bank.

They are provided to those who in fact have no paycheck or are unemployed and have a property as collateral. In this second case, however, it is not necessary to own an apartment; it suffices to have a guarantor, on which will borne at that point that the burden of presenting your paycheck or the certificate of ownership of the house.

Who does not even have a guarantor, you can still finance it through the revolving cards, but they have a spending limit and the interest is very high. These are small credit cards. Online can borrow also the protested and those who are enrolled in the Crif registers.

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