Loans for medical treatment | Data from the first half of 2013

In the first six months of the year, almost 1% of personal loans were intended to defer the costs of medical care. This is borne out by the recent survey carried out on 60.000 personal loan applications received from January to June 2013.

In the given period the average amount of 6.600 Euros was granted and on average you chose to repay in a period of 5 years. The typical profile of the applicant is that of a private employee, 44 years of age, with a salary of 1.700 Euros. There is a demand for the highest average in terms of amount. Compared to other types of loan you notice a high percentage of women among applicants, nearly half, more than 10% of applicants are retired. The reasons for the request are varied ranging from the most traditional cosmetic surgery to orthodontic appliances of the children, to long term therapy.

Medical Loan

Medical Loan

It is clear that the increase of this type of funding is linked to the crisis which has made dental care a real luxury, as important as those that have always been expensive but still manageable in normal times by most families. The data is not at all reassuring, revealing that 9 million are no longer in the conditions of access essential medical care.

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