Is private banking constantly increasing insurance products?

Today we take a look at the latest trends in private banking and in the management of large private estates which is summed up in one word. Protection. In this area of banking and financial services the distribution of the available funds which technically comes to asset allocation, sees in fact an increasingly high percentage of investment reserved to the insurance component. In other words, the super rich are also anxious about the future and try to protect themselves with a variety of policies.

Mainly grows the demand for life insurance products and life insurance but also that of health insurance policies. That translated into pseudo psychological terms would indicate the prevailing feelings of fear for your health, for the standard of living that you will conduct once you reach the age of retirement to confront damage to your property and heritage.

Insurance Policies

Insurance Policies

But there are also other tools to protect assets that are more substantial. The first is the trust, an institution that allows you to split the components of the assets in question for certain beneficiaries or for very specific purposes such as succession management. The second is the bottom sheet of the family thanks to which it is not possible to act forcefully on the goods covered by it and the income derived from them.

In other words the one and the other can not be attacked by any creditors. Both legal instruments, however, are recommended only to those who have assets exceeding 50 million euro.

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