Innovation Startup | These are the rules of success

Europeans have been the people of innovation. We have been in the past and we continue to be so today. To take full advantage of the new energy that our continent has here are five rules to follow five basic factors to give birth, develop and explode ideas. Here is the handbook:



1. Entrepreneurial vision, intended to result in investment decisions in a growing sector. Innovation needs to be placed at the center of corporate strategy.

2. Interdisciplinary exchange and contamination of knowledge, skills and experiences. Innovative products are always born within a team in a continuous stop and go.

3. The research of the admixture of useful and beautiful. The product that will be born will have to respond to a real need so it can be better anticipated.

4. The availability of capital. We need to think big: the venture capital firm becomes very sensitive if the idea were to have a potential market in the world with a hundred million dollars and up.

5. Finally, we must be aware that the results, including economic, will not register in six months or a year but they will come in the long run.

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