How to Build Credit without a Credit Card

Want to know a secret? It’s possible to build your credit without a credit card. And here are exciting ways to do it.

  1. Via Rent

Renting an apartment or office under your name can help you build your credit score. Make sure that you have an existing rental agreement under your name. Ask the utility providers for the rental property for a payment report during your stay, as timely payments indicate you being a good payor.


  1. Via Store/Secured Credit

A secured credit card is not like a regular prepaid card or credit card, it is backed by a cash deposit. However, it may be used for small consumer purchases in stores. Also, if you are a regular at a store, and can access a store credit, do so. The store can then issue a report of your store credit history.

  1. Via Utilities

Make sure that at least one of the utility bills are in your name as they also help build your credit. Make it a habit to settle financial obligations on time, so that you can have a good credit standing with your utility providers.

  1. Via Personal Bank Loan

Whenever you apply for a car loan or house loan, you are entitled to a credit report from the creditor or bank. They can help you establish your credit without you using a credit card as long as you do good with payments.

  1. Via On-Time Payments

Again, in every financial obligation that you have – pay on time. Make sure that you have enough disposable income to manage your bills and payments if you want a good credit score.


  1. Via Steady Income

Having a steady income indicates healthy finances. It may not necessarily be about credit, but with such income, it means that you can afford to pay anything you need to pay in the future.

  1. Via Bank Account

In most instances, you can only be eligible to apply for a loan when you can back it up with a healthy bank account. Banks normally accept personal loans from their existing depositors.

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