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The S & P 500 is made ​​up of many U.S. stocks just like its name implies. The goal is of course to capture the trend of the market with actions related to companies of all sizes (but still relevant) within a variety of sectors. The stocks included in the index are in turn determined by a committee of the Standard & Poor’s Corporation which can add or remove companies and sometimes even entire industries.

Standard & Poor's

Standard & Poor’s

As many know, this index has long been the highest. Do you Worry? A little, yes. Just refer to another index, Baltic Dry Index, which as stated in Wikipedia is an index of cost of shipping and freight of the main categories of dry bulk cargo ships. Despite its name indicating otherwise, it collects data of the main world routes and is not restricted to those of the Baltic Sea.”

S & P 500 bigest drop

S & P 500 bigest drop

One is near the highs, the other is near the minimum. Which of the two reflects the fact is easy to imagine. Therefore it’s just as easy to imagine corrections indices in the USA. At the moment this is not good news.

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