Deposit accounts | How to escape the superstamp

From 1 January this year the stamp duty has become more expensive by 50% on a variety of financial products including deposit accounts, going from 0.10% to 0.15%. Considerable erosion yield by practically € 1.50 of every 1000 euro deposited in electronic piggy bank with a minimum of 34,20 and without upper limits. However, there are others who have found some way to avoid the new high taxes. Because the stamp duty does not apply to current accounts according to the new progressive mode but any balance remains fixed at EUR 34.20. Therefore, if a customer finds one of those so called high return, convenience is undeniable. Be careful, though as it must be ordinary accounts without restricted cash. Otherwise it falls into the same taxation of deposit accounts.

Deposit accounts

Deposit accounts

Another route is to negotiate with the bank for a higher interest rate than normal on ordinary current account. This is possible and the account in question will enjoy exemption from progress.

In the past there were many lenders who took charge of stamp duty but now this privilege is in the process of disappearing. For those seeking a deposit account, they  should therefore give for granted the payment of stamp duty but choose wisely the best offer with regard to the interests offered because the gap between current offers can be up to 1% and is constantly changing.

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