Chomsky about Greece | Germany imposes conditions of slavery

It was the famous moment when President Hugo Chavez during a speech to the United Nations showed the world the book Hegemony or Survival. The author, Noam Chomsky, is considered one of the philosophers who inspired the anti globalization movement in 2000 and still one of the largest carriers of a different key to the interpretation of our historical moment. In fact, Chomsky does not give up the chance to even speak about the crisis that is raging in Europe and his opinion is as always clear.

The ultimate goal of Germany’s demands in Athens, in the management of the debt crisis is the plunder the resources of Greece. Germany is imposing conditions of slavery and psychological pressure on Greece. The statements were made during a conference in Dublin, at a meeting of the informal European. It is not the first time that Chomsky is expressed on troika and cronies. In the past year he had already argued that Greece was ending up being dragged back to 1960.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

The position of the philosopher on Europe is clear. According to Noam, Southern countries should join forces with Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal, who come together to put an end to the inhuman demands of the North, taking advantage of the anti German feelings that are spreading in recent months. The idea would not be bad at all as we talked about it a little time ago. But who knows what the politicians would have to say, those who are willing to sacrifice others just to sit at the big table.

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