Characteristics of the Life Insurance policy of ING Direct

Life Insurance is an interesting product developed by a partnership between the American Insurance Group and Genworth known Dutch bank ING Direct. Let’s look at the main features of the agreement by which the Contractor by paying a recurring premium, it guarantees depending on the receipt a lump sum in case of death or disability.

ING Life Insurance

ING Life Insurance

* It is only directed to ING Direct customers who fall in the age group between 18 and 65 years. It is activated through its Area on the website or by contacting Customer Service. Even new customers can take out a policy of this type after opening an Account.

* The subscriber can choose a cover from the following 50.000, 100.000, 150.000 and 200.000 euro to bridge that he will pay a premium unchanged over time for a fixed period of 10 years.

* The monthly premium can be downloaded directly to your Current Account.

* Once the subscription process is done, the bill will take effect the next day without the need to submit medical certificates.

* The premiums paid are deductible from income tax at a rate of 19% of the amount paid up to a maximum of 245 Euros per year.

* The policy is flexible in the sense that you can add a Permanent Disability caused by injury clause.

* The coverage choice will add extra performance or additional capital calculated based on the average balance of your Account or Current Account.

* Thanks to the clause ‘Happy Event’ subscribers who become parents or adopt a child will have a refund of up to 500 euro.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

One last important and urgent note is activating the insurance Life Insurance by March 31, the first two months paid are returned, so in practice will be free.

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