Buy a house in New York to rent | Some advice

The purchase of properties in New York for the past six years has not only increased. For an European investor who has the necessary amount, the rate is still affordable and in the future it will be even less because with the economy in recovery and the reduction of quantitative easing by the Fed the dollar will tend to appreciate more. It is therefore necessary to hurry because we are in a phase where the housing bubble is in the bulge and there are fewer and fewer homes for sale and prices are on the increase. Already +5% compared to a year ago.

New York City

New York City

In addition to the purchase and enjoyment of your own apartment, to amortize the expense it is absolutely possible to think about renting the house for periods that can range from a few weeks to six months or all year round. To do this, you should rely on temporary rental agencies who are qualified preventiing the payment of a substantial fee. It’s important to know however that two common types of apartments in buildings often do not allow for temporary regulation rents. We are talking about condos and co-ops. In this regard we refer to our interesting article some time ago on how to buy a property in New York.

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