All the advantages of an advanced electronic signature

On May 21 last year the Decree of the Government was published in the Official Newspaper introducing technical rules on advanced electronic signature. There are already programs that ensure the signature is fully legal. This type of electronic signature in fact acquires the biometric parameters of the signatory with key data such as position, pressure and time as it speaks of signing graphometric. Specifically, the subject must sign a document with a special stylus on the surface of a tablet as if it were paper. The presence of a certification authority that enters the stream signature satisfies two requirements which are identifiability of the author and immutability of an electronic document.

Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature

Among the objectives of the new project is the total elimination of the paper or the dematerialisation of documents. A digital revolution is not only ecological. They can use this technology to great advantage subjects such as public bodies and public administration but it also has a promising future in health care from accountants and CAF and especially private companies in which the relationship with the public or customers is very strong and where it is necessary to manage a large volume of documents. With the advanced digital signature they will save both on indirect costs such as paper, toner, electricity, and in direct costs such as those of staffing and management. Another considerable advantage is the possibility to store and retrieve documents with extreme rapidity.

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