4 Money Management Failures You Might Be Making Today

With the rising prices of all commodities, it’s only natural for people to want to manage their daily finances properly and to save. But there may be a few things that could be hurting their long-term financial goals. Here are some of them:

Huge annual tax refund

If you’re getting huge tax refunds every year, this could mean that you might be having too much tax withheld from your monthly pay. Although this is better than not being able to save at all, it is not exactly the most efficient way to do so. This is because you could be losing the ability to earn from an interest-free loan, as well as lose access to your money in case of emergency.


No concrete financial plan

What you can’t measure, you can’t manage. You may have kept a mental note of all your monthly bills, but when you get your money, you are not able to keep track of everything you’re spending on. This results in unnecessary expenses. So, to avoid this, you should use online and offline tools to monitor your spending.

Unnecessary spending

Once you determine your expenses, you need to figure out how to reduce your spending. Living on less is the best way to manage your money. Some people have even managed to save up to 75 percent of their monthly income. Look into your monthly expenses again and determine which ones you can live without.

A Money Management Workshop, hosted by the Personal Services Center, was conducted at the Camp Foster Education Center May 24. The threehour class was designed to inform military members, their families and Department of Defense personnel about basic finance practices and money management techniques.

Paycheck dependence

Having a good-paying job isn’t enough nowadays, what with the rate of companies closing down around the world. No matter how much you save every month, you never know when you can be unemployed. So, if you’re living on paycheck to paycheck now, you should start rethinking your options to secure your future.

Keep this information in mind so you don’t make these mistakes and put your finances in jeopardy.

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